Will SM release a new girl group?

Will SM release a new girl group?

SM Entertainment has finally announced its new girl group and it’s a list of top female artists from the Korean music industry. On Monday midnight, the new group, named GOT aka Girls on Top was finally introduced to the fans with its first teaser photo.

Is aespa having a 5th member?

aespa have now joined BLACKPINK, TWICE, IZ*ONE, and Girls’ Generation as the 5th and latest member of the ‘Half Million Seller’ club for K-Pop girl groups. Meanwhile, aespa members have confirmed their attendance for the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’.

Does YG debut another girl group?

YG’s new girl group is coming soon! Along with HYBE and JYP, YG Entertainment’s new group will be launching in 2021, making the competition for the rookie girl group even more intense!

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Who is aespa leader?

Yu Ji-min Karina

Birth Name Stage Name Position
Yu Ji-min Karina Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group, Visual
Kim Min-jeong Winter Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Ning Yi Zhuo Ningning Main Vocalist, Maknae

Who is YG new boyband?

YG recently launched TREASURE, an all-boy K-pop supergroup, so we imagine the new-gen project could well become the third priority act in the Korean entertainment company’s top trio. But back to potential K-pop superstardom.

Was Blackpink supposed to be 9 members?

Eunbi was the only original member of BLACKPINK. Though we know the band with four members now, BLACKPINK almost had nine members, which was unlike YG Entertainment at the time.

What is Aespa fans called?

“MY” is the word used to mean “the most precious friend” in the wilderness of the avatar aespa. aespa fans are the most precious beings, the official fan club name has been decided to be “MY.” Translation credits to karinaspics on Twitter.

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What does Navis meaning aespa?

NAVIS is pronounced as “nabi” in Korean, which means “butterfly.” This can be tied to the butterfly theme that the aespa logo projects. SYNK. SYNK is the “Instagram” of the aespa universe. It’ll serve as the communication tool that’ll connect the virtual and real-world members.

What is aespa official color?

All SM artists have official colors shown on their emblem (excluding the NCT subunits) Red Velvet features coral, SNSD has pink, suju has blue, etc. etc. So my theory is, these are the official aespa colors, purple and light blue.

Is SM Entertainment teasing Aespa’s debut?

After SM Entertainment released a mysterious teaser and a logo for aespa at 1 a.m. KST, fans began speculating that the agency was teasing the debut of their highly-anticipated upcoming girl group.

When is Aespa’s debut performance of “Black Mamba?

SM Entertainment has shared details about aespa’s debut performance of “Black Mamba.” aespa’s debut stage will take place on November 19 at 6 p.m. on the group’s YouTube channel.

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Who is SM Entertainment’s second member Karina?

SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa has shared teaser images for their second member to be revealed, named Karina! After revealing teaser images of Winter, the first member of the agency’s new girl group aespa, SM Entertainment shared basic information about her!

Who is Aespa’s third member Ningning?

SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa has introduced their third member Ningning with photos! SM Entertainment has shared a video called “MY, KARINA” where aespa member Karina introduces the avatar member æ-Karina. At the 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum being held this day, Lee Soo Man briefly introduced the concept behind aespa.