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Why I Cannot study for long hours?

Why I Cannot study for long hours?

Try spending your breaks between studies with family members or look outside the window to refresh, but do not go for internet! But don’t stress your mind to study for longer hours such as 10 – 11 hours, instead focus on better learning….Why can’t I study for long hours?

Daily routine: Hours:
sleep 7
exercise 1
food 2
other 2

Is it possible to study 12 hours per day?

Studying for 12 hours a day is very draining, and is really only done by medical students when they have completely devoted their energies to that single task. If you you’re running to seminars, clinic, the OR, etc, it’s simply not possible.

Is it normal to have a hard time concentrating?

Even the most organized can have difficulty concentrating from time to time. While you may hope to regain focus on your own, falling behind can make the problem worse. So, it’s best to address the problem as early as possible. Other associated symptoms of difficulty concentrating include the following.

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What are the causes of difficulty in concentrating?

Difficulty concentrating causes 1 Psychological causes. There are several psychological causes of difficulty concentrating, such as the following. 2 Medical causes. You may have difficulty concentrating due to an underlying medical condition. 3 Environmental causes. 4 Difficulty concentrating, aging, and cognitive impairment.

How do you enjoy learning new things in 12 hours?

Enjoy the Learning Experience: Understanding or enjoying whatever you are learning is essential otherwise 12 hours would feel like a decade. You enjoy something when you know what you are doing or feel comfortable doing it, for this, you will have to pass through the journey of not knowing but still practicing.

Is it possible to study 12 hours a day for University?

Studying is straining. No way anyone can do it 12h straight each day consistently. Pretty sure you can, if you are one of the elite students in countries like China or India and under immense pressure to succeed. In which case you wouldn’t need to ask this though.