Why did Sweden have Finland?

Why did Sweden have Finland?

Otherwise the degree of urbanization was very low in medieval Finland. During the 12th and 13th centuries, great numbers of Swedish settlers moved to the southern and north-western coasts of Finland, including the Åland Islands and the archipelago between Åbo and the Åland Islands.

Was Finland ever part of the Russian Empire?

Finland as a part of the Russian Empire 1809–1917 During the Russian rule, Finland became a special region developed by order of the Emperor. For example, Helsinki city centre was built during Russian rule. Starting from 1899, Russia tightened its grip on the Grand Duchy of Finland.

When did the Finnish immigrants come to Sweden?

Most of them came to Sweden during the Winter War and the Continuation War, and around 20\% remained after the war. Helped by the Nordic Passport Union, Finnish immigration to Sweden was considerable during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Where do the Finns come from in Sweden?

Distribution of Sweden Finns. These Finnish-speaking Swedes are chiefly categorized as either Tornedalians originating at the Finnish–Swedish border in the far north, or skogsfinnar (“forest Finns”) along the Norwegian–Swedish border in Central Sweden.

When did Finland become a part of Sweden?

Already in the 1400s, a sizeable population of Stockholm spoke Finnish, and around 4\% in the 1700s. Finland remained a part of Sweden until 1809 when the peace after the Finnish War handed Finland to the Russian Empire, though leaving Finnish populations on the Swedish side of the Torne river .

What is it like to be a Finn in Norway?

Norwegians are made fun of for being filthy rich, lazy, and too attached to their skis, Swedes are said to be painfully politically correct and addicted to tanning, while Danes are teased for being loud and impossible to understand. And Finns? I’ve heard Finns described as everything from drunks to the emo kid in the corner to sociopaths.