What were Socrates beliefs?

What were Socrates beliefs?

Philosophy. Socrates believed that philosophy should achieve practical results for the greater well-being of society. He attempted to establish an ethical system based on human reason rather than theological doctrine. Socrates pointed out that human choice was motivated by the desire for happiness.

Why did Socrates not choose exile?

He is not afraid of death, which may in fact be ‘good’. —Socrates rejects imprisonment or a fine (which he could not pay, because of his poverty); he cannot suggest exile , since he would be as dangerous in another city as he is in Athens. to Apollo.

Did Socrates believe war?

The clearest impact of Socrates’ wartime service on his thinking was surely the way in which he approached death. During his trial, he used his military record to prove his patriotism. He demonstrated his loyalty to the ideals of Athens by refusing to evade the death penalty it bestowed on him.

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Why does Socrates go willingly to his death and refuse to escape?

In order for him to prove his innocence, that he does believe in the gods and is setting a good example he must stay and die in prison. He shows he believes in the gods by following and keeping his oath. He sets a good example by showing that he is willing to obey the laws no matter the consequence.

What is Socrates main contribution to Western philosophy and logic?

Socratic Technique Socrates’ most important contribution to Western philosophy was his technique for arguing a point, known as the Socratic technique, which he applied to many things such as truth and justice.

What did Socrates have to do with the military?

These included compulsory military service and membership in the Assembly, the governing body responsible for determining military strategy and legislation. In a culture that worshipped male beauty, Socrates had the misfortune of being born incredibly ugly.

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Where can I find information on Socrates’s life and thought?

Plato and Xenophon’s dialogues provide the main source of information on Socrates’s life and thought. These writings are the Sokratikoi logoi, or Socratic dialogues, which consist of reports of conversations apparently involving Socrates.

What happened to Socrates in his last 5 years?

The last five years of Socrates’s life coincided with a terrible time in Athens. The war had ended, but there were recriminations over who made Athens lose both the war and the peace. An annoying gadfly who was critical of the Establishment made himself an easy target to swat.

What did Socrates do in the Assembly of Athens?

In 406 B.C. his name was drawn to serve in Athens’ assembly, or ekklesia, one of the three branches of ancient Greek democracy known as demokratia. Socrates became the lone opponent of an illegal proposal to try a group of Athens’ top generals for failing to recover their dead from a battle against Sparta…