What to say if someone says you study a lot?

What to say if someone says you study a lot?

You simply answer “thank you for expressing your opinion” and keep doing what you do. Studying is not a bad thing. Do not EVER feel ashamed for it. Knowledge doesn’t take up space, it enriches you.

What do you say when someone says study hard?


  • I will try my best to please you.
  • yeah, sure.

What do you do if you study too much?

Take Plenty of Breaks Studying too hard and too much can easily lead to burnout and leave your mind frazzled on the test date. You’ll want to take breaks away from studying and focus on the rest of your life, fun, and school work.

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How much studying is too much in one day?

Never go beyond studying 6 hours at a time, this is maximum. This amount of time is when experts believe your brain is beyond fried. Honestly, though, you should never even get close to 6 hours at a time, especially if you use the Pomodoro Technique or a similar system to manage your time studying.

How do you ace in high school?

5 Ways to Ace the School Year

  1. Nurture key time management and organizational skills.
  2. Encourage class engagement and participation.
  3. Help them build important relationships.
  4. Pay attention to daily wellbeing.
  5. Seek support.

Is there such thing as over studying?

The site notes that overstudying is not only mentally and physically unhealthy, but it also decreases efficiency and productivity and can make it more difficult to learn the material. According to Learning Commons, the most effective chunk of time to spend studying is between 30 and 60 minutes.

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Is over studying a thing?

What to reply what do you do?

Think about your answer in this light: You are educating the other person on the subject of you. So instead of just saying your title, explain something he or she might not know about your work or industry. Talk about the void in the market that you are filling. Talk about the latest thing happening in your industry.