What should my first revolver be?

What should my first revolver be?

Great Beginner Revolver: Smith And Wesson Model 10 The basic model hasn’t changed a whole lot since then, as it’s pretty difficult to improve on perfection. It’s a 6-shot double action revolver on their medium frame architecture, the K-frame. It’s chambered for . 38 Special, so it’s easy and cost-effective to shoot.

Is a revolver a good first gun?

Yes, that is a good choice. They can be fairly inexpensive; a lot of people want a semi-automatic pistol these days. Ammunition is easy to find anywhere, and the recoil is less than a . 357 magnum.

What to know before buying a revolver?

Here are some things to check for when you buy used revolvers.

  • Examine the forcing cone at the barrel’s rear.
  • Check for cylinder rattle when the hammer is pulled all the way back.
  • The cylinder gap should not exceed .
  • On a swing-out double action revolver, check the crane to make sure it fits tightly to the frame.
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How to make a handgun easier to shoot?

Others insist on frequent gun features upgrades, the latest, greatest, and regular acquisition of everything firearm-related, equipment, and modification of parts of the gun itself, etc. Perhaps, all of these things individually and/or combined will make a handgun easier to shoot and accurate in our hands.

How do you use the front sight on a handgun?

With an unloaded handgun or a designated training gun, simply punch out the weapon until it intersects your line of sight. Then look for that proper placement of the front sight within the notch of the rear sight. Sorry but the video you’re trying to play can not be found

How to properly manipulate a handgun trigger?

If your gun is the right size for your hand, you should be able to comfortably place the pad of your index finger on the trigger while maintaining a proper shooting grip with the bore in line with your forearm. If your trigger manipulation isn’t spot-on, all the sight alignment in the world can’t save you.

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What is the bore axis of a handgun?

This refers to the relationship between the barrel of the handgun and the shooter’s hand or where the barrel is positioned at the top of the hand. So a “high” bore axis means the barrel is well above the top of the hand, while a “low” bore axis means it is positioned closer to the top of the hand.