What is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

What is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: The Israeli Perspective The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of massive importance to the world. It has at times undoubtedly brought out the worst in its conflicting adversaries, the primarily Jewish state of Israel and

Is there still hope for peace between Israel and Palestine?

There is no peace process. There is very little hope left. And yet somehow, we must still find a way for Israelis and Palestinians to live side-by-side, with equal rights within a single international border. It is time for a progressive one-state solution.”

What is the Israel-Palestine plan?

This plan would create two states for two peoples, Israel and Palestine. Hypothetically, the Israel state would retain a Jewish majority, thus remaining a Jewish state, and the Palestinian state would have a Muslim Arab majority.

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Is a one-state solution possible for Israel?

Yet, many Israelis unfavorably view a one-state solution as one that would destroy the state’s Jewish character and undermine the security of Israel. Granting citizenship to all Palestinians would render Jews a minority and essentially eliminate the world’s only Jewish state.

Why did the Palestinians not accept the creation of Israel?

This land, Israel, includes holy places for the Jewish religion and is surrounded by Muslim countries. Palestinian Muslims lived on the land at the time that the United Nations gave it to the Jewish people. The Palestinians and neighboring Arabic nations did not accept the creation of Israel.

Is there such a thing as Palestine?

Historically, there was no such country as Palestine: Birth of a ‘Palestinian People: Palestinian nationalism and an identifiable ‘Palestinian People’ emerged after WWI, probably in response to the threat posed by Zionism when waves of Jewish immigrants arrived in Palestine between 1919 and 1939.

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What is the root cause of Israel’s conflict with Israel?

In all the conflicts with Israel it is important to recognize that they are driven by unseen spiritual forces. The root cause of such conflicts is the relationship of Israel to Jesus (Yeshua): Put simply, the salvation of mankind comes through the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, link.