What is the graduation rate for UCSC?

What is the graduation rate for UCSC?

77.8\% (For first-time, full-time in 2018–19)
University of California Santa Cruz/Graduation rate

Is a C passing at UCSC?

The final letter grades for courses at UCSC are A (excellent), B (good), C (fair), D (poor), F (fail).

What happens if you fail a class in UCSC?

If you receive all failing (F) grades, we must determine whether you attended class and earned the grades or whether you did not attend. If you earned all “F” grades, you will be asked to have your professor(s) document that you attended class and earned the “F”.

What is passing grade UCSC?

Students must complete all requirements for the major with a grade of P, C (2.0), or better. All undergraduates, regardless of when they entered UCSC, must meet the minimum UC GPA requirement of 2.0 in order to receive a degree from UCSC.

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How many classes can you pass no pass UCSC?

For the Sociology department, the courses required for major qualification (SOCY 1, 10, 15, 30A) must be taken as letter grades. Beyond the major qualification courses, the department does not have any restrictions on the number of courses a student can take Pass/No Pass.

Does UCSC have a good reputation?

In 2019, UC Santa Cruz was honored with election to the 65-member Association of American Universities, one of the most prestigious honors in higher education. In 2019, UC Santa Cruz was ranked among the top 50 public universities in the U.S. by the Center for World University Rankings.

Does retaking a class replace the grade UCSC?

Courses in which a grade of No Pass is earned may be repeated on the same basis or for a letter grade. For the first 15 credits of repeated courses, the original grade is excluded from the GPA, and only the grade from the repetition is used.

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How many classes can I take pass no pass UCSC?

What is special about UC Santa Cruz?

About UCSC. UC Santa Cruz is a public university like no other in California, combining the intimacy of a small, liberal arts college with the depth and rigor of a major research university.

What is Soar UC Santa Cruz?

UC Santa Cruz undergraduates are affiliated with one of 10 colleges, vibrant living communities that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus. Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) is dedicated to the success of UCSC’s campus-wide student organizations and government.

Why choose UC Santa Cruz for Physical Education?

The goal of UCSC’s physical education and recreation program is to introduce as many students as possible to lifelong physical activities. UC Santa Cruz is committed to promoting and protecting an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of civility, honesty, cooperation, professionalism and fairness.