What is the difference between Tamil and tamizh?

What is the difference between Tamil and tamizh?

The terms Tamil and Tamizh are of same usage except their spellings in English. People who cant pronounce or who have problem in pronouncing the syllable “th” have conveniently started spelling it like Tamil and Tamizh. Otherwise there is no such great difference in their application or usage.

How is tamizh pronounced?

Tamil should not be pronounced as Tamizh – ‘Zh” is typically pronounced as “esh”. The L or ळ represents Tamil ழ. This character “ळ” appears in the very first vedic mantra of Rig veda. Tamil in pronounced as Tamizh – it is written and pronounced as tamiL.

What is difference between English and Tamil?

English is an SVO word order language, with very little nominal or verbal morphology, and tends to overtly express argument structure with verbs. Tamil, a Dravidian language spoken primarily in south India, is an SOV word order language, with richer nominal and verbal morphology systems than English (Schiffman, 1999).

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What is the meaning of tamizh?

The etymology to start with- “Tam” means ‘self’ and ‘mizh’ is akin to ‘Mozhi’ or language. One of the distinguishing features of Tamizh is that it has three different forms of sound. In fact, the correct pronunciation of “Tamil” sounds like “Tamizh” for which there is no phonetic equivalent in most other languages.

How do you say potato in Tamil?

How to pronounce Potato in Tamil Urulai-k-kizhangu in Tamil, Aaloo in Hindi All tubers are called as Kizhangu in Tamil. So, often, just the first part, “Urulai” or”Urula” is used to refer to Potato.

What’s the difference between Tamil and Hindi?

Hindi came from the Indo-European linguistic family while Tamil is a descendant of the Dravidian languages. Hindi is written in the Devanagari script while Tamil uses its own distinctive script. On the other hand, Tamil also enjoys the status as an official language in the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

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How do you pronounce Tamizh in Tamil?

I think Tamizh is correct, but most of them pronounce it as Tamil since it’s the name had been given by English speaking people. And not “ தமில் ” or “ தமிள் ” which is roughly translate as “TA-MI-L”. The letter ழ – “zha/zh” is quite unique to south Indian languages especially for Tamizh/ Malayalam / Telugu.

What is the difference between Tamil and tamoule?

Tamil is the name given in English to the language spoken by Tamils – தமிழ். In French, Tamil is tamoule. The Japanese call this language タミル語 (Tamiru-go) Each name is right, in it’s own language. Tamil would be wrong in French, Tamoule would be wrong in English, as would be any of the these variations: thamizh, thamil or tamizh.

How do you spell ‘vazhi’ in Malayalam?

Most of the Tamils, especially those hails from southern Tamil Nadu, spells the letter ‘zha’ [IPA: ɻɐ] like ‘la’ [ɭɐ], while others and Keralites spells it as ‘zha’ [ɻɐ] itself. Hence The word ‘vazhi’ [ʋɐɻi] spelt as ‘vali’ [ʋɐɭi] in Tamil, but in Malayalam it spelt as ‘vazhi’ [ ʋɐɻi] itself.

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What is the meaning of the Tamil word ‘Zha’?

It is something similar to ‘Ja’ (ஜ). “Zha is La (ழ)” is more like a local notation to Tamil Nadu and Kerala and for rest it’s not. If you spell Tamil as Tamizhl, there is a great probability that other state / country people would pronounce it as Tamijhil or close to it.