What is South Bombay Quora?

What is South Bombay Quora?

Mumbai city is known as South Bombay (SoBo) Geographically, the mouth of Mithi river between Mahim and Bandra railway stations marks the boundary between Mumbai City and the suburbs on the western side.

Why are South Side of cities poorer?

The primary reason why many cities’ South Sides are poorer sides of town is because most cities built their industry down river, which in a lot of cities is south of town as many rivers in this country flow towards the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico southward.

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Why is the north side of cities nicer?

North represents up (positive) and more productive, while South represents down (negative) and lazier – and therefore early city settlers came to view the north as more desirable location.

Is Rohini posh area?

Sector-13 Rohini is one of the most sought out area to live in. This sector is one of the most green area, well maintained green parks, clean and broad roads, well connected to rest of the city. Rohini Sector-13 is a very good locality in this area. Rohini Sector-13 is a posh area surrounded by societies.

Why is the south side so bad?

The South Side has a varied ethnic composition and a great disparity in income and other demographic measures. It has a reputation for high levels of crime and its residents range from affluent to middle class to poor….South Side, Chicago.

South Side
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Why is South always bad?

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Originally Answered: Why does it always happen that the south side of cities is the “dangerous” side? Many factors can contribute to certain sides of cities being poor, most often they are zones or designed that way. Geographically, rich areas have more open scenery, varied topography, water sources, clean air.

What is the cutest small town in the south?

The 13 Cutest Small Towns in the South. 1 Beaufort, SC. The second oldest town in South Carolina is just as sweet as you’d expect. Think: a tranquil waterfront, a historic downtown clad with 2 Bardstown, KY. 3 Destin, FL. 4 Fredericksburg, TX. 5 Natchez, MS.

Does every girl from South Delhi symbolise Pooh from kabhi Khushi Kabhie GAM?

Let me first clarify that not every girl from South Delhi symbolises Pooh from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gam’. South Delhi girls are often roasted for their fake accents but ugh! that’s a stupid generalisation. Not every girl calls ‘Auto’ or ‘Bhaiyyya’ the way it’s usually speculated. 3. Fashion Diaries (Not): No seriously.

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What are some stereotypes about South Delhi girls?

There are many stereotypes about South Delhi girls, But not all are true. Every South Delhi girl doesn’t have that accent of trying to speak Spanish but in a french tone. Means not every girl says “Bhaiyya chwenchi (20) ke momos pack kar do”. Not every girl have 3–4 boyfriends.

What are the 10 best places to live in the south?

1 Beaufort, SC 2 Bardstown, KY 3 Destin, FL 4 Fredericksburg, TX 5 Natchez, MS 6 St. Augustine, FL 7 Natchitoches, LA 8 Fairhope, AL 9 Blue Ridge, GA 10 Charlottesville, VA