What is good about living in Tokyo?

What is good about living in Tokyo?

Tokyo has one of the best transportation systems on the planet, and its timeliness, speed, and convenience are known far and wide. And though fares can be expensive, for those that live in Tokyo, most companies reimburse daily commuting expenses. It can also be a nice city to walk or cycle.

What is it like to live in Kobe?

Quiet Yet Convenient – With a population of about 1.5 million, Kobe is big enough to have everything you want, yet a much slower pace of life than bigger cities like Osaka and Tokyo. Amenities and green space in downtown Kobe, Japan. The Ocean – Kobe is a port city. A beautiful port city.

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What makes Tokyo so great?

Tokyo is famous for Anime, electronics, manga, and video games. Akihabara is the epicenter if it all. It becomes a jungle of electric lights and colors at night, providing a sensory overload for visitors. Getting lost, window shopping, and photography are top activities here.

Why is Tokyo the best place to live?

Even if you’ve lived in Tokyo for years, you’ll always find something new to do there, with its countless museums, attractions, parks, shops and so much more. As far as dining, there are simply thousands of cafes and restaurants to choose from and shopping is also a fun pastime to enjoy here.

Where should I live in Kobe Japan?

To live in Kobe as an expatriate, here are some recommended areas where you can consider to build your life:

  • Sannomiya. Sannomiya is the heart of the city so it is a great place for living.
  • Suma and Tarumi.
  • Rokko.
  • Akashi.
  • Ashiya City.
  • Kobe Port Tower.
  • Mosaic and Canal Shopping Complexes.
  • Kobe Chinatown.
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Where do expats live in Kobe?

Most foreign expats live in the tower apartments in and around Chuo-ku, where many of these foreign communities gather. As for children’s education, there are 8 international schools in the city including; Canadian Academy, St.

Is there anything good about living in Tokyo?

There are, but living in Tokyo also has drawbacks. Below are some of the upvoted comments about the merits and demerits of Tokyo life from popular online Japanese forum GirlsChannel: “Merits: It’s kinda fun, easy to make more connections and become successful.

Where do expats live in Tokyo?

Nearly 490,000 foreign residents are currently living in Tokyo Prefecture, among them numerous expats from China, the Philippines, or South Korea. Living in Tokyo’s central wards is especially popular among more affluent expatriates.

What is the worst thing about living in Japan?

The worst thing is that people have their heads down too much, focusing on work, so they miss so much of what is going on around them. In Tokyo I can get absolutely everything I want.

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What are the top sightseeing spots in Tokyo?

We have discussed three top sightseeing spots in Tokyo in Part 1. In part 2, we will focus on two popular sightseeing spots namely, Tokyo Disneyland and the Sumida River Cruise. Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland is one of the best Disney Castle Parks in the world.