What is BSc physical science with computer?

What is BSc physical science with computer?

B.Sc Computer Science with teach you only and only about computers. The subjects will be different kinds of subjects related to computers, like PHP, Java, Hardware, etc. However, B.Sc physical science has additional subjects which are physics, chemistry, maths, computer science as it’s subjects.

Is maths compulsory for BSc computer science in DU?

As per DU guidelines, to study BSc (Hons) Computer Science, an applicant should have had Mathematics and Computer Science in their plus-two course. Though it is not necessary to add the subjects in the best-of-four calculation, scoring at least 60 per cent or more in Mathematics is mandatory.

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Can a PCB student do BSc physical science?

And therefore being a PCB student, you are completely eligible to take admission in BSc Physical Science with Chemistry. Hope this helps.

Can BSc student give ISS exam?

Yes you can surely answer for ISS( Indian Statistical services).

What is B Sc Physical Science with electronics?

B.Sc. Physical sciences is a compilation of three main subjects namely physics, maths, chemistry and a additional subject which will add in every semester throughout. Some colleges provide electronics and computer science instead of chemistry as a main subject.

What is BSc electronic?

Bachelor of Science in Electronics or BSc Electronics is a 3-4 year undergraduate degree course that focuses on the study of Analog Electronics, Electromagnetic, Digital System Design, Communications, Optoelectronics, Electromagnetics, Engineering Materials, and Mathematics.

Is B.Sc physical science with CS a good course?

Cheers. It is a good course if you have interest in computer science. After pursuing this degree, you can do a master’s in computer, as well as in any other subject that you will study in the course (physics, mathematics, chemistry). So you can pursue this degree if you have interest in any of these subjects too.

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What is the eligibility criteria for admission in BSc(Hons) Computer Science at du?

Question: What is the eligibility criteria for admission in B.Sc (Hons.) computer science at DU? Answer: Candidates need an aggregate of 60\% or more marks in English, Mathematics and best of the two subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science/Informatics Practices.

What is the eligibility criteria for BSC Physical Science with computer science?

B.Sc. (Prog.) Physical Science with Computer Science ● 45\% or more marks in the aggregate of Physics, Chemistry / Computer Science, Mathematics (Practical & Theory together) and passing in one compulsory language (i.e. English).

What is the eligibility criteria for du BSc 2020?

DU B.Sc. Eligibility Criteria 2020 – Chemistry/ Physics/ Polymer Science All those candidates who have obtained an aggregate of 60 percent or more marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can apply for this course. Also, they must have obtained a minimum of 50 percent marks in English. DU B.Sc. Eligibility Criteria – B.Sc. Geology

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How do I get admission in du for BSC Physical Education?

If you are interested in taking admission to the DU B.Sc Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Sciences programme then you will need to clear the entrance examination that is conducted for the admissions to the programme as well. Here’s what you’ll need to clear the exam.