What does POTUS mean in America?

What does POTUS mean in America?

president of the United States
POTUS stands for “president of the United States” and has a few advantages: It’s more concise than “President Obama,” more respectful than just “Obama,” and more clear than “the president.” But POTUS isn’t just a silly-sounding acronym.

What type of word is POTUS?

President of the United States
POTUS is an acronym created by taking the first letter of each word in “President of the United States.” According to our earliest records of its use, it came into being in the 1890s as an abbreviation used by telegraph operators.

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What does Podis stand for?


Acronym Definition
PODIS Prediction of Damage in Service

What is it called when you just use the first letter of each word?

initialisms. Abbreviations that use the first letter of each word in a phrase are sometimes referred to as initialisms. An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word. An initialism is an abbreviation that uses the first letter of each word in the phrase (thus, some but not all initialisms are acronyms).

What does Potus mean in Greek?

The next -OTUS word to enter our vocabulary was POTUS, short for “President of the United States,” which was used as early as 1895. POTUS also began as an abbreviation used by telegraphic code operators.

What does Potus mean in Spanish?

abbreviation for President of the United States. Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

Is Potus a Latin word?

From Proto-Italic *pōtos, from Proto-Indo-European *ph₃tós (“(having been) drunk; having drunk”), derived from the root *peh₃- (“to drink”).

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What does POTUS mean in Spanish?

What does the term flatus mean?

Definition of flatus : gas generated in the stomach or bowels.

Is WTF an acronym or initialism?

3 Answers. If people actually pronounced WTF “dubya tee eff,” it would be an initialism (an abbreviation pronounced by spelling out the letters one by one). In the acronym-mad military, WTF actually is said “dubya tee eff” and functions as a euphemism (apparently in those rare cases where decorum needs to be observed).

What is the difference between Scotus and VPOTUS?

SCOTUS and POTUS were first used in the late 19th century, in telegrams. FLOTUS didn’t come into the language until almost a hundred years later. VPOTUS has been used here and there to refer to the vice president, but because it isn’t exactly easy to pronounce, it hasn’t caught on.

What does Otus mean in these three words?

The – OTUS in these three words stands for of the United States. POTUS means president of the United States. FLOTUS means first lady of the United States (the term for the president’s wife). SCOTUS is Supreme Court of the United States (the most important court in the US). English has many acronyms like this. Many of them began in the military.

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When did the word -Otus first appear in the US Constitution?

The earliest recorded use any variant of -OTUS is from 1879, when SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) appeared in a book titled The Phillips Telegraphic Code for the Rapid Transmission by Telegraph.

What is a po’tus in Spanish?

Tus is also the plural you in Spanish. As in Y’all, same meaning in Southern dialect. So a Po’tus would be someone caught in the act, who is “poor,” although poor may refer to other than economic poverty, but poor in other ways, poor performance, poor character, or a poor excuse for the immoral or illegal act.