What does Margalla mean?

What does Margalla mean?

The Margalla Hills (Urdu: مارگلہ پہاڑیاں) is a hill range within the Margalla Hills National Park on the northern edge of Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan, just south of Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is part of the Himalayan foothills. The Margalla range has an area of 12,605 hectares.

What was the original name of Islamabad?

The oldest name of Islamabad was Ramkund. A beautiful ancient temple of Raja Ramchandra was situated at the middle of the temple town.

How old are Margalla Hills?

How the Himalayas Were Formed The rock formations are 40 million years old, and fossils of marine life abound, it is a clear indication that before the content collision around 40 to 50 Million years ago, these hills were the seabed of the ancient ocean.

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How do you pronounce Margalla Hills?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Margalla. Mar-galla. mar-gal-la.
  2. Meanings for Margalla.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Seven years on, CDA yet to restart work on Margalla Road project.
  4. Translations of Margalla. Russian : Маргалла

Which country capital is situated near the Margalla Hills?

Islamabad is located at33.43°N 73.04°E at the northern edge of the Pothohar Plateau and at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad Capital Territory.

Which city is located at the base of Margalla Hills?

Forming the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, Margalla Hills are located to the north of the capital city of Islamabad.

Why Islamabad is called Isloo?

The name Islamabad means City of Islam. It is derived from two words: Islam and abad. Islam refers to the religion of Islam, Pakistan’s state religion, and -abad is a Persian suffix meaning cultivated place, indicating an inhabited place or city.

Why Islamabad is called Islamabad?

The name Islamabad (“City of Islam,” or “City of Peace”) was chosen to reflect the country’s ideology. The planned capital area of 350 square miles (906 square km) is an expanse of natural terraces and meadows surrounding the city.

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What is the height of Margalla Hills?

Margala Hills/Elevation

Which year Islamabad became capital of Pakistan?

The city was built in 1960 to replace Karachi as the Pakistani capital, which it has been since 1963. Due to Islamabad’s proximity to Rawalpindi, they are considered sister cities. Compared to other cities of the country, Islamabad is a clean, spacious and quiet city with lots of greeneries.

How many trails are there in Margalla Hills?

Margalla Hills almost stand like a wall between two lakes of ‘Khanpur’ in the far north and ‘Rawal’ in near south. There are about thirty well identified trails in Margalla Hills and most of them are used by the locals. Administration of the capital city has worked on six hiking trails and has developed them.

What is the Margalla Hills National Park in Pakistan?

Daman-e-Koh lookout park in the Margalla Hills, Islamabad. The Margalla Hills (Urdu: مارگلہ پہاڑیاں‎) is a hill range which is part of the Himalayan foothills located within the Margalla Hills National Park, north of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Margalla range has an area of 12,605 hectares.

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What is the area of Margalla range?

The Margalla range has an area of 12,605 hectares. The hills are a part of Murree hills. It is a range with many valleys as well as high mountains.

How were the Margalla hills formed?

According to the research carried out by scientists and archaeologists of the project “Post-Earthquake Explorations of Human Remains in Margalla Hills”, the formation of the Margalla Hills dates to the Miocene epoch. The dominant limestone of the Margalla is mixed with sandstone and occasional minor beds of shale.

What is the elevation of Islamabad in feet?

at the northern edge of the Pothohar Plateau and at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad Capital Territory. Its elevation is 540 metres (1,770 ft). The modern capital and the ancient Gakhar city of Rawalpindi form a conurbation, and are commonly referred to as the Twin Cities.