What do psychology majors end up doing?

What do psychology majors end up doing?

The majority of students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology go on to work in human or social services. Some typical jobs in this field of work are: career counselor, psychiatric technician, rehabilitation specialist, and case manager.

Why is psychology such a popular major?

Psychology Helps Us Better Understand Ourselves College-age people are often still working on forging a personal identity and figuring out who they really are. Many also grapple with the emotional turmoil brought on by love and romantic relationships. No wonder so many college students decide to major in psychology.

Why do so many people major in psychology?

Psychology is truly an interesting science and the reason that so many people major in psychology is not because it is easy. Psychology degrees allow you to go into a variety of fields after graduating and so it leaves you with options if you don’t necessarily know what you want to do.

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What jobs can you get with a Bachelor’s in psychology?

According to the report, over 40\% of bachelor’s level psychology degree holders work in for-profit jobs in business and industry. The next largest group, between 20-30\%, work in educational institutions. Approximately 15-20\% work, respectively, in government and not-for-profit organizations.

How hard is it to become a psychologist?

Psychology is more difficult than people think. Being a psychology major can also lead into many different types of psychological study. A bachelor’s degree in psychology has to combine the different types of careers available in the field.

Should you take psychology courses if you’re not a psychology major?

Even though you’re not a psychology major, you can definitely benefit from learning more about the human mind and behavior by taking a psychology course. Many universities require students to take at least one class in psychology or a related topic such as sociology or anthropology. 1