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What determines which 6 friends show up on Facebook profile?

What determines which 6 friends show up on Facebook profile?

The algorithm chooses interactions, activity, communication, photos, etc. This determines which friends will show up on top and have priority. The friends that you communicate with most often will usually be first on this list.

Why does your friends list rotate on Facebook?

The list of 10 friends displayed changes slightly every time you visit your Facebook page. Facebook says they use an algorithm that takes into account the people who interact most with you publicly.

Can I see who checked my Facebook profile?

If you ask Facebook, the social media giant categorically says, “No, Facebook doesn’t let you track who views your FB profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.”

What should I put on my profile picture?

Your profile picture could be your latest culinary creation, an open computer tower showing the work that you’ve done, a profile of your car, or your favorite flower. This is a great option for personal profiles on platforms where you want some control over who you connect with, but you’re okay being recognized by -some- people who know you well.

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Should you keep the same profile picture for every social profile?

Before we dive into looking at some popular profile picture ideas that you can choose from, there’s a question that we want to address first: Should you keep the same picture for every social profile that you have? The answer is this: It depends, but you definitely don’t need to.

What is the actual display size of the profile picture?

However, if you’re viewing it on a mobile device with Retina Display or other high resolution displays (which most smartphones have nowadays) the actual display size is 1125px by 633px. Pro tip: Make your profile cover something personal that makes you look like a real human being.

How do I add my profile photo to Microsoft 365 for business?

Your photo will appear everywhere there’s a profile photo circle in Microsoft 365. To add your profile photo to Microsoft 365 for business Find a photo you want to use and store it on your computer, OneDrive, or other location you can get to. The photo needs to be smaller than 4 MB and can be a.png, jpg, or.gif file.