What can I do after BSC geology?

What can I do after BSC geology?

After doing Bsc Geology you can go on to study minning, petrology, geophysics etc. or else you can go on to become a Meteorologist, Geophysicists, Geologists, Environmental educator, and much more.

Which is the best course after BSC geology?

Higher Study Options after B.Sc in Geology in India

  • Master of Science in Geology and Applied Chemistry.
  • Master of Science in Petroleum Geology.
  • Master of Science in Marine Geology.
  • Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences.
  • Master of Science in Geology (Technical)
  • Master of Science in Geo Physics.

What kind of jobs do geologists have?

Types of geology jobs

  • Environmental field technician. National average salary: $40,226 per year.
  • Forester. National average salary: $52,952 per year.
  • Environmental protection specialist.
  • High school science teacher.
  • Hydrographic surveyor.
  • GIS analyst.
  • Archaeologist.
  • Sustainability engineer.
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Is it hard to get a job as a geologist?

Getting a job as a geologist is actually easier than you might think, if you know some effective ways to go about it that is. Geology is a wide field and there are many jobs available for geologists, even outside the mineral resource sector. Being competent in the field of geology plays a key role to landing a job.

Can I do bed after BSC in geology?

Yes you are eligible to pursue B. Ed after completing graduation from Geology. As because there is no any criteria required to opt any particular subject.

Can a arts student become geologist?

Not possible in India. to get admission in bachelor program in geology you must have Physics,chemistry,maths/biology, computer science in your 10+2. geology include basic chemistry, physics, biology, maths. so its not possible for art student.

Is there a demand for geologists?

Job Outlook Employment of geoscientists is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 3,100 openings for geoscientists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

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How can I do an internship in geology in India?

There are many institutes and universities in india, you can apply for internship. When geology is concerned, students can opt for two options. They can either go for summer training in public sector or private companies like ONGC, OIL, TATA, IOCL, Aditya Birla etc, where they will learn the different techniques of exploration, mapping etc.

What can you do with a degree in engineering geology?

Careers in Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Geology. Engineering geology is concerned with the stability of soil and rocks in a host of civil engineering, mining, and petroleum situations. Lower level geotechnical work often involves soil sampling and assessment of new construction sites.

What are the disadvantages of a career outside of geology?

If you pursue a career outside of geology, you will find yourself competing with a cross-section of undergraduate majors. This gives you one minor disadvantage and one major advantage. The disadvantage is that many employers do not really know what geology is or what it entails.

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Does EOG have an internship position for 2022?

Geoscience Intern EOG Resources Houston, TX Full Time EOG currently has openings for Interns for the summer of 2022. Preference will be given to students who are well trained in stratigraphy, sedimentology and structural geology, as well as log analy…