What are best window treatments if you have cats?

What are best window treatments if you have cats?

Pet Friendly Window Treatments

  • Faux Wood and Real Wood Blinds. Faux wood and real wood blinds are a great choice for homes with pets.
  • Roller Shades. Roller shades are another great option for window treatments that are pet friendly.
  • Mini Blinds.
  • Bamboo Shades.
  • Cellular Shades.
  • Roman Shades.

What kind of blinds are best for cats proof?

Wooden venetian blinds however, provide a very real solution to your feline problems. They are solid so they won’t bend, no matter how determined your cat is. They are easy to clean and heavier than aluminium venetian blinds so there isn’t much chance of the cat getting between the slats and the window.

How do you cat proof a window?

Cat-proof your windows It’s best to designate one window per room for letting air in and putting up cat safety nets over them. Then you can open your windows without any problems. Another option is to open the window and put the blinds down. This lets air in, but stops your cat from jumping out of the window.

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Can you have curtains with a cat?

Cats. Cats love to climb things. You can cat-proof your drapes by mounting them on tension rods. When your feline tries to climb up, their weight will pull down the rod along with the drapes.

Are faux wood blinds good for cats?

Faux wood blinds may not be the best choice for cat proof blinds but they are much more durable than the popular aluminum blinds. They are less affected by the bending, scratching and clawing. Any scratches they sustain tend to be less evident as the color is uniform throughout the slat.

Why do cats Mess With blinds?

Many cats damage blinds by simply moving past them to get onto a window sill. Cats love to observe the natural world from the comfort of a window, which is why blinds are so often caught in the crossfire. An effective way to prevent this is to catproof the window sill so they don’t enjoy sitting there.

Are aluminum blinds cat proof?

Aluminum mini blinds do not let the cats look out of them even when open. This makes your cats want to tug and bend the aluminum slats to look through. Aluminum slats bend easily and can get damaged.

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How do I stop my cat from messing with the blinds?

Here’s some tips for how to do so:

  1. Beware of the cord. Roller Blind cords are one of the biggest temptations for a cat, as this swinging piece of cord is essentially a massive bit of string for them to play with.
  2. Spray them with a deterrent.
  3. Catproof the window sill.
  4. Give them a dedicated window.
  5. Buy cat-friendly blinds.

Are window screens safe for cats?

Unfortunately, window screens can be an invitation for disaster if they’re not secure enough to prevent your indoor cat from getting out. Even worse, if you live on a higher floor, falls through screens can cause serious injury and even death.

What kind of curtains are best for cats?

Stiff PVC or even faux wood or wood are ideal. Just stay away from fabric-covered or otherwise embossed louvers. Not only will the texture attract cat hair, it could inspire your cat to use them like a scratch post.

How can I protect my curtains from my cat?

Tack strips of aluminum foil near the bottom foot or so of each curtain panel, preventing the cat from climbing up without touching foil. Cats don’t enjoy the texture, so they may learn to avoid the foil and curtains completely. Shake a can filled partially with coins, making a startling sound as she starts her climb.

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What kind of blinds are cat proof?

Blinds that are Cat Proof. 1 • Vertical Blinds. For large windows, sliding glass doors and porch doors, vertical blinds are the usual choice. The vertical blinds can be pushed 2 • Plantation Shutters. 3 • Motorized Blinds. 4 • Wide Slat Blinds. 5 • Faux Wood Blinds.

What are the best window treatments that are pet friendly?

And our Cordless Faux Wood Blinds mean you don’t have to worry about cats using your pull cords as a toy! Roller shades are another great option for window treatments that are pet friendly. Pets can slip behind the shade without damaging anything. And they won’t collect much pet hair, making them easy to clean!

Can cats climb on fabric window coverings?

Plus it’s so much fabric you do risk your pet getting tangled up in it. If your cat insists on climbing fabric but you definitely want fabric window coverings, keep their claws trimmed or try putting caps over their claws.

Are cellular window shades safe for cats?

Cellular shades made with fabric are not good for you when you have cats at home. Cats tend to climb the fabric and their strong nails can scratch them up easily. You are now loaded with options and a list of dos and don’ts pertaining to your window shades and blinds if you have a cat at home.