Is Tiss good college?

Is Tiss good college?

The prime focus of the institute is on courses related to Public Welfare and Community Development. Forbes India named TISS a ‘Great Place to Study’ in a 2018 feature on Indian Institutes. The Institute is ranked at 34 among all Indian universities by NIRF in 2020.

Which is better TISS or JNU?

Placements are better in TISS as compared to JNU. TISS provide specialization in both Development and Labour Studies while JNU provide a amalgamation of both. So if you want Development Studies then TISS is Better option. JNU provide better independence in choosing optional subject as compared to TISS.

Can I do MBA from TISS?

TISS does not offer MBA. It offers MA, MSW, BA. However, MA HRM&LR is one of the most sought after course in India. How this 19-year-old earns an extra $3600 per week. His friends were in awe when they saw how much money he was making. How difficult is it to get admission into the TISS?

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What is TISS?

TISS is a unique institution that brings together high quality scholars and practitioners from Social, Economic, Political, Physical, Habitat, Engineering, Health, and Environmental Sciences to create interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes combined with field action to address the most critical current and emerging issues of the nation.

Is TISS Hyderabad good for an MBA in HR?

It is one of the most prestigious HR programmes of the country. TISS is one of the best MBA college in India and of international recognition. If you can get admission in it, you will definitely have a great career ahead. Training program and curriculum is recognized internationally.

What are the advantages of studying at TISS Delhi?

Yet, academically, at the end of my degree, TISS is not a decision I regret. The first big advantage, is the interdisciplinary approach. In your first year, you are introduced to the five subjects – history, sociology, economics, political science, and psychology.