Is it illegal to kill non combatants?

Is it illegal to kill non combatants?

In consequence, the distinction between combatants and noncombatants has become one of the fundamental legal and moral principles governing the actions of belligerents. Consequently, it is considered to be a moral and legal duty not to attack, wound, or kill noncombatant civilians purposely.

Can a war ever be justified on moral grounds?

A war is only just if it is fought for a reason that is justified, and that carries sufficient moral weight. The country that wishes to use military force must demonstrate that there is a just cause to do so. Sometimes a war fought to prevent a wrong from happening may be considered a just war.

Is it ethical to kill in war?

As Lazar asserts, to kill in any context other than in war, or in self-defence[1] during ordinary circumstances, is a violation of our duty to uphold the right of others to life (Lazar 2009: 699-700). This implies that killing during war can be morally justified, at a minimum through appeals to self-defence.

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Can war ever be fought ethically?

A war might be ethical but the means unethical, for instance, using landmines, torture, chemicals and current debate is concerned with drones. Just War theory sets out principles for a war to be ethical. The war must be: Waged by a legitimate authority (usually interpreted as states)

Is it a war crime to target civilians?

In all situations of armed conflict, the deliberate killing of civilians is a war crime.

Can wars be justified philosophy?

A war is only a Just War if it is both justified, and carried out in the right way. Some wars fought for noble causes have been rendered unjust because of the way in which they were fought.

What is morally justifiable?

Moral justification is, simply put, a process whereby a person who is evaluating a morally questionable act attempts to make it seem right. This person looks for a way to shine a favorable light on such an act in order to maintain a clear conscience.

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