Is investment banking a good career in Germany?

Is investment banking a good career in Germany?

As a candidate for investment banking, Germany is always a good bet. Because in Germany, you will get almost similar pay as in London and at the same time, you would be able to save a lot. Germany is for people who would like to grow in investment banking without any craziness of finance world/colleagues.

How many banks are there in Germany?

1,900 banks
How many banks are there in Germany? According to national statistics, there are 1,900 banks in Germany, including 1,000 cooperative banks, 403 Sparkassen, and far smaller numbers of private banks and Landesbanken.

Is private equity a better career than investment banking?

People also like to argue that the “lifestyle” in private equity is better, meaning that you work less than investment banking hours. Therefore, you get more of a social life, and you can make plans and take weekend trips.

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What do private equity firms look for in a hire?

Overwhelmingly, PE firms hire people with experience working for a top investment bank, or professionals who already work in PE in different firms. That said, firms expect new hires to hit the ground running with usable skills.

What skills do you need to work in private equity?

The private equity career path attracts people who are: Competitive, high achievers who are willing to work long, grinding hours. Extremely attentive to detail. Interested in deals rather than simply following the markets or investing in public companies or other assets.

How to join a private equity firm after MBA?

If you have prior banking experience and you are way too senior, you can join a private equity firm as an Operating Partner or Consultant. If you are someone who has done MBA and have relevant experience in investment banking, then consider the exit strategy and join a PE firm as a post-MBA associate.