How much does IIT spend on one student?

How much does IIT spend on one student?

But the reality is the government does subsidize the education of all of them. In 2016 the Modi government had stated that on average it is spending around Rs 6 lakh per year on each student in the IITs. A total of Rs 463 crore was spent on 19 IIMs in the same year.

What is total expense in IIT?

IIT fees for the complete course ranges between Rs 8-10 lakh for general category students. In the past six years, the fees for General category students, planning to study B. Tech in IITs, has increased three-fold from Rs 50,000 annually to Rs 3 lakh annually.

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What is the budget of IIT Bombay?

IIT Bombay

Motto ज्ञानम् परमम् ध्येयम्
Budget ₹1,227 crore (US$160 million)
Chairman Dr Pawan Goenka
Director Subhasis Chaudhuri
Academic staff 603

How much is IIT funding?

The IITs receive comparatively higher grants than other engineering colleges in India. While the total government funding to most other engineering colleges is around ₹ 100–200 million ($2–4 million) per year, the amount varies between ₹ 900–1300 million ($19–27 million) per year for each IIT.

Can we do job while studying in IIT?

Yes, you can pursue MTech in IIT while doing a job as IIT offers special part time MTech course for working professionals.

How can I earn money from studying in IIT Quora?

There are several ways of earning while you’re a student :

  1. Youtube Videos – Make some awesome youtube videos. Make your own channel or partner with a popular channel.
  2. Blogging – Set up a blog using wordpress or blogger and starting writing good articles in a particular niche. Show your credentials in that niche.
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What is the average cost of a year’s education in IIT Bombay?

Thus, the average cost of a year’s education in IIT Bombay is about Rs 5 lakh, whereas no student ends up paying more than Rs 1 lakh per year. The NITs and the IIMs have a separate cell in the MHRD to take care of such expenses, and I didn’t enquire further with the Registrar.

How much do IIT students owe the government for education loans?

At an interest of about 10\% (this is not the market rate for education loans which is ~12.5\% but this should be the rate for an IIT student since the chances of his/her defaulting are miniscule) you owe the government anywhere between 6.5 lakhs to 9.75 lakhs to the government at the end of your fourth year.

Do IITs get more grants than other engineering colleges?

IITs receive higher grants than other engineering colleges. Amounts in the range of ₹ 90 crore – ₹ 130 crores are funded by the government to these IITs every year. Other funds include the fees from students, contributions from the alumni associations and funding from the industries.

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What is the fee structure of old IIT?

Old IIT Fees Structure IIT Fees category Amount Tuition Fee ₹ 45000 Examination Fee ₹ 500 Registration Fee ₹ 500 Gymkhana Fee ₹ 750