How is archeology important to history?

How is archeology important to history?

Historical archaeology studies the remains of cultures for which a written history exists. Through combining the use of documentation and archaeological evidence, archaeologists gain a better understanding of the past and human behavior.

Is archaeology a source of history?

These approaches did not have the same consonances between the archaeological record and primary historical sources as Lewis-Williams’s, both because the archaeological records were less detailed, and because the historical materials simply did not provide enough detail to work with, at least without more critical …

How does archaeology help in writing African history?

Archaeology is important because it shows how the African has adapted to his or her environment over the millennia. In other words, the various changes in life, climate and other conditions documented and how the African has adapted to those changes over the years.

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What is history archaeology?

Historical archaeology is a form of archaeology dealing with places, things, and issues from the past or present when written records and oral traditions can inform and contextualize cultural material. Studies focus on literate, historical- period societies as opposed to non-literate, prehistoric societies.

What is archeology as a source?

Archaeological sources include buildings, houses, pottery, seals , coins, monuments , writings and paintings on stones or walls , tools, jewellery, bones, leftovers, pieces of metals and other artefacts.Monuments are old buildings or other old structures which are important for their historic connection or legacy and …

Why do historians use archaeology as a source of African history?

Archeology helps to reveal the kind of trade contacts that existed among people in the past. Since writing began late in most parts of the continent, archeology has become the main source of information for the reconstruction of African history of the distant past.

How can archaeology anthropology and linguistics can enrich history writing in Africa?

The discipline of archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics is used in writing African history in the following ways. They help in proving various doubts that exist when African history is in question. Secondly, they also prove the ancient African civilization’s existence, especially regarding man’s origin.

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What are archaeological sources?

What is the source of African history?

ETHNOBOTANY AND ETHNOZOOLOGY AS A SOURCE OF AFRICAN HISTORY Ethnozoology is the scientific study of animal remains from the past which are called fauna. These studies help to trace the origins of plants and the animals our ancestors fed on and exploited in the past.

How can archaeology enrich history writing about Africa?

How can archaeology help in the reconstruction of history?

While archaeology can be a helpful tool in understanding past cultures and histories, it can also be used in a negative way to reconstruct narratives that justify certain unjust practices. Archaeology aids in constructing a skewed reality of the past by “othering” groups of people defend their discriminatory policies.