How hard is it to get into Sloan MBA?

How hard is it to get into Sloan MBA?

MIT Sloan is the third most competitive school in the US, with an acceptance rate of 14.6 percent. The MBA program has one of the largest entering classes in the country with 409 students recently enrolled, giving more applicants the opportunity to embark on a top b-school journey.

How can I get admission in MIT Sloan for MBA?

Just like other top programs, MIT Sloan will certainly take test scores, undergraduate GPA, and years of work experience into consideration. Last year, the average incoming Sloan MBA student had a 720 GMAT score and a 3.49 undergraduate GPA. Scores are important, Lahiff says, but they’re not the be–all and end–all.

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How many people apply to MIT Sloan MBA?

Our Global Community

MBA* MIT Sloan Fellows MBA
# of Applications (2021) 7,122 723
Average Work Experience (years) 5 14
Class of 2021 Average Base Salary $148,000 n/a
Program Duration (months) 24 12

What makes Sloan MBA unique?

The MIT Sloan MBA program is customizable, allowing for each student to focus on developing specific leadership and analytical skill sets while pursuing a unique set of interests. The Sloan admissions committee targets students who are proactive, creative, and comfortable with ambiguity.

What does MIT Sloan value?

The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.

Does MIT Sloan MBA require GMAT?

MIT’s Sloan School of Management has opted to waive the GMAT and GRE requirement for the 2020-2021 MBA admissions cycle. Students may submit GRE and GMAT scores that have expired, other exam results such as MITx, CORe or MBAMath, or grades from non-degree coursework.

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Is MIT MBA prestigious?

Ranking. Among worldwide MBA programs, FT’s 2020 ranking puts Sloan at 6th in Global MBA standards. In US News’ list of 2022 Best Business Schools in the US, Sloan is at number 5.

Which is better for MBA Harvard or MIT?

Harvard has been more protective of its MBA degree than MIT which offers a variety of other graduate-degree granting programs in business, including an Executive MBA. MIT also has a dual degree program in which 50 students a year work toward both an MBA as well as an MS in science and engineering.

Does MIT Sloan require work experience?

Do I need work experience to apply to the MBA Program? Work experience is not required for admission, although our students have an average of five years of work experience. Of course, having work experience could help you leverage the extensive opportunities at MIT Sloan.

What are the acceptance rates for MIT Sloan MBA programs?

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Fast Facts: MIT Sloan MBA Acceptance Rate 22\% GMAT Score (Median) 720 GPA (Median) 3.54 Years of Work Experience (Average) 5

What GPA do you need to get into Sloan School of Management?

GPA is also critical for admission into the Sloan School of Management. The average GPA is very high at 3.6. For each .10 change in GPA, the acceptance rate changes by roughly 1\%. Obviously your GPA is likely already written in stone, so you should focus on increasing your GMAT instead.

What are MIT Sloan’s top pre-MBA industries?

MIT’s top pre-MBA industries are consulting (22\%), financial services (17\%), and tech / media / telecommunications (16\%). Looking at the pre-MBA industries shows you whether your profile is well-represented at MIT Sloan.

What does MIT Sloan do for the community?

MIT Sloan also hosts the Breaking the Mold hackathon, where the Sloan community hacks for solutions in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Interested in finding out more about MIT Sloan?