How does Symfony PHP work?

How does Symfony PHP work?

Step 1 − The user sends a request to the application through the browser, say http://www.symfonyexample.com/index. Step 2 − The browser will send a request to the web server, say Apache web server. Step 3 − The web server will forward the request to the underlying PHP, which in turn sends it to Symfony web framework.

What is Symfony good for?

Symfony is an open source PHP framework with MVC architecture. It is one of the most popular application frameworks among the open source developers’ community. It is used to build high-performance complex web applications. Developers can add additional modules as the product grows.

Is Symfony frontend or backend?

The Symfony framework is a feature complete back end framework that can be used to create complex applications. Still many developers also choose to use the lightweight Silex micro framework or the Symfony Micro Kernel. You can also use single components from the Symfony project and in many cases this is enough.

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Is Symfony hard?

In terms easiness, Symfony does allow you to go very fast if not faster than in Laravel. You can take advantage of some conventions to avoid a lot of extra code. But as it used to target more advanced developers and being more configuration based, for a long time it used to be much harder to start with than Laravel.

Is Symfony framework good?

Symfony is a powerful and robust PHP framework. The projects created with this platform are highly extensible because of modular-based architecture. Use of bundles and components makes it a brilliant solution for websites and applications of any size and complexity.

Is Symfony opinionated?

Symfony was the chosen framework to build the website. It was chosen primarily for the community support and opinionated structure that is suited for large projects from the beginning.

Is Symfony full stack?

It’s common to call the Symfony framework a Full Stack Framework. This goes back to the days of it providing everything on the server side, from templating with Twig to data persistence by integrating the Doctrine ORM.

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Can I use react with Symfony?

Combining React and Symfony Contemporarily, modern web applications built with PHP framework like Symfony now require implementation of a huge amount of logic on the frontend in order to create a rich web experience for users.

Is Symfony good framework?

1. High Flexibility. The Symfony PHP framework is a well-organized, feature-rich PHP framework whose architecture paves the way for the developers to build sustainable web applications in the easiest way possible. All-in-all, there are 30 helpful Symfony components that facilitate the web development process.

Is Magento built on Symfony?

Magento 2 uses bits out of different frameworks, such as Zend Framework 1, Zend Framework 2, Symfony, etc. It is highly recommended to use the official Magento framework APIs to avoid problems related to the platform’s internal changes.

How does the Symfony lens work?

The Symfony lens merges two technologies to achieve these goals. The first is the proprietary echelette design, which elongates the focus of the eye, in order to give the extended vision. A monofocal lens has one distinct focal point at distance or near, while a multifocal lens has two distinct foci at distance and near.

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How to display HTML page from a controller in Symfony?

Symfony uses a template engine called Twig. I strongly recommend reading more about twig in the documentation. To display an HTML page from a controller you need to create a template. There is a base.html.twig file that you can use as a base template. Go to a root directory of the project and find a template folder.

How does Symfony work with Zend Framework?

Symfony works basically the same as most frameworks works. It gives you a MVC platform straight away. Where as Zend Framework doesn’t. To utilize the MVC of ZF, then you’ve to use express or skeleton application. Symfony has a steep learning curve as mentioned by Luke Socz Solarski.

What is the most frustrating part of Symfony?

This is mostly for myself as a reminder. The most frustrating part of Symfony is Authentication because the information is scattered all over between articles, symfonycasts etc. just all over, like a unicorn farting out rainbow sprinkles. There are two versions of authentication an old one and a new one.