How do you print the sum of a number in Python?

How do you print the sum of a number in Python?

Use a formula sum = sum + current number . At last, after the loop ends, calculate the average using a formula average = sum / n . Here, The n is a number entered by the user.

How do you print a sum of numbers in a while loop in Python?

See this example:

  1. num = int(input(“Enter a number: “))
  2. if num < 0:
  3. print(“Enter a positive number”)
  4. else:
  5. sum = 0.
  6. # use while loop to iterate un till zero.
  7. while(num > 0):
  8. sum += num.

How extract specific data from text file in Python?

Extract data from text using python txt’, “r”) lines = f. A Python program can read a text file using the built-in open() function. For example, the Python 3 program below opens lorem. txt for reading in text mode, reads the contents into a string variable named contents, closes the file, and prints the data.

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How do you find the sum of a string of numbers in Python?

Python: Compute sum of digits of a given string

  1. Sample Solution:-
  2. Python Code: def sum_digits_string(str1): sum_digit = 0 for x in str1: if x.isdigit() == True: z = int(x) sum_digit = sum_digit + z return sum_digit print(sum_digits_string(“123abcd45”)) print(sum_digits_string(“abcd1234”))
  3. Pictorial Presentation:

How do you find the sum of a for loop?

“how to sum in a for loop python” Code Answer

  1. n = input(“Enter Number to calculate sum”)
  2. n = int (n)
  3. sum = 0.
  4. for num in range(0, n+1, 1):
  5. sum = sum+num.
  6. print(“SUM of first “, n, “numbers is: “, sum )

How do you find the sum of a number in a while loop?

First, we have taken a number input from the user and stored it in a variable num. Initially, the sum is initialized to 0. Then, we have used the while loop to iterate until num gets zero. In every iteration of the loop, we have added the num to sum, and the value of num is decreased by 1.

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How do you find the sum of a string?


  1. Take a String.
  2. Convert it into array of characters.
  3. Apply for loop till length of char array.
  4. Using isDigit() method we can check the digits in string.
  5. If isDigit() will return true then print that index value.
  6. That digit is in char form.
  7. Using sum variable, we will sum it.

Can you sum a string?

You can sum two strings using + to concatenate them. So it makes as much sense to define sum as concatenation for strings as it is for lists.