How do I bring a game idea to life?

How do I bring a game idea to life?

The Four Steps to Bringing Your Game Idea to Life

  1. Defining Your Concept: After getting that spark of inspiration, the first thing any game developer should do is flesh out the game’s concept in some way by writing down your initial thoughts or sketching them out.
  2. Prototyping:
  3. Limiting Your Scope:
  4. Execution:

How do you pitch a game idea to a developer?

“If we knew that, we’d already have it in development.” Instead, he suggests you tailor your pitch to a company’s current strategy. If you’re pitching to Microsoft, they’ll like Kinect support, while only a fool would pitch an idea to Zynga that wasn’t using the freemium model.

How do you send an idea to a business game?

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Now, if you do want to get your idea made into a game, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Inquire with the company first. Ask them if they want to hear your idea and offer to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement).
  2. Get a job at a game company.
  3. Get a team together and make the game yourself.

How do I make a game document?

How to write a game design document

  1. Rule #1: Don’t do it in MS Word.
  2. Rule #2: Start with one concise sentence.
  3. Rule #3: Make it visual.
  4. Rule #4: Keep it collaborative.
  5. Rule #5: Make room for changes.
  6. Game overview.
  7. Game description.
  8. Game elements.

How do you structure a game concept?

Here are the basic sections of a game concept….The core idea should include:

  1. A description of your game.
  2. The game’s style.
  3. The game’s setting.
  4. The different types of characters.
  5. An overview of the story.
  6. Any key elements.
  7. How to play.
  8. What sets it apart from other games.

Can I sell a game idea?

As others here have implied, one does not sell a game idea. No one is interested in buying an idea for a game, because everyone has great game ideas. If you are a well-enough known game designer, then you might be able to sell a complete game design (that is, a game design document with hundreds of pages of detail).

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How do I email a game developer?

Write a good email (with a good subject line) Write a good email explaining who you are, what site or channel you’re producing content for and what game you’re interested in. Don’t send me an email that starts with “Dear Sir or madam” because then I know I just got a generic mail that’s been sent out to everyone.

How do you come up with a good game idea?

Asking around will help you get a good idea of which direction you could go with your game. Everything begins with an idea. So it’s important to keep track of them. Use a small notepad or an app on your phone to record any ideas that pop into your head. Using a game idea log can make it easier to come up with ideas.

How do you write a game plan?

Then begin to write down main ideas using one word and ‘connect’ by drawing a line from the circled word to your centered game type. These ideas can be a theme, feature, background element, game mechanic, character, effect or any other detail.

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How do you make friends in the gaming industry?

Try to start up a ‘game related’ conversation and sneak in some possible game concepts that you’ve been bouncing around in your head. Be inquisitive and find out what type of games people like to play by asking your friends, co-workers, family members or even strangers on the street. The more opinions, the better.

Do you need a working prototype to kickstart a game?

This means, you have to ALREADY have a minimum viable product built and some form of proof that people are interested in your idea. Games are no exception to this. If you want to Kickstart or Indiegogo a game, you better build a working prototype…even it is it mostly smoke and mirrors. What does this mean?