How did Gandalf and the Balrog end up on top of the mountain?

How did Gandalf and the Balrog end up on top of the mountain?

The Balrog eventually made his way back up into the Dwarvish tunnels of Moria, and from there, with Gandalf still following, he climbed something called “The Endless Stair.” According to Dwarvish legend, this went from the lowest dungeon in Moria to its highest point on the peak of the mountain Celebdil, and the …

Why did Gandalf stop fighting the Balrog?

Gandalf had to kill Balrog because he had Balrog’s whip around his neck that took Gandalf with him. Gandalf also knew that the orcs hated sunlight and the fellowship would be much safer outside. Whereas, Balrog had no problems with the sunlight and he would have left moria in the trail of the Fellowship.

What did Gandalf say to the Balrog?

As Gandalf faced the Balrog, he proclaimed, “You cannot pass, flame of Udûn!”, and broke the bridge beneath the Balrog. As it fell, the Balrog wrapped its whip about Gandalf’s knees, dragging him to the brink. As the Fellowship looked on in horror, Gandalf cried “Fly, you fools!” and plunged into the darkness below.

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What was the fire creature Gandalf fought?

In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the wizard fights a demon known as a Balrog. Tolkien’s Balrogs have their own mythology. In Tolkien’s Elvish language Sindarin, Balrog means “demon of might”. After Sauron, Balrogs were the most powerful and most terrifying of his servants.

What did fly you fools mean?

“Fly, you fools!” was simply Gandalf’s way of saying, “Get over your shock at what’s happening to me! You can’t help with the Balrog and the orcs of Moria are certain to overwhelm you unless you get out of Dodge, now!”

How does Gandalf fight the Balrog?

The Balrog ensnared him with his whip, and the two fell. They fell into a subterranean lake deep within the mines. The Balrog’s flames were extinguished, his body a thing of slime. Gandalf wielded his sword Glamdring while the Balrog attempted to strangle him.