Does TISS provide 100\% placement?

Does TISS provide 100\% placement?

The TISS has a 100\% placement record across all programmes.

What is Codp in TISS?

On the other hand, CODP is a Masters in TISS’s Social Work Programme and refers to Community Organization and Development Practice. This programme aims to develop community practitioners that could effectively respond to the contemporary concerns of marginalised communities and to promote people-centred development.

What is Codp in social work?

Social Work in Community Organisation and Development Practice (CODP) programme aims to blend a critical socio-political analysis of marginalities of communities with appropriate strategies and approaches in enabling the process of claiming their entitlements and rights.

What is community organization and development practice?

Community Organisation is one of the primary methods of social work. It deals with intervention in the communities to solve the community problems. As a method of social work community organisation can solve the problems of many people in the community through their collective involvement.

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What is the average placement package in IMT and TISS?

Whereas, IMT has a huge batch size of 450. The average placement package in TISS is really good at about 21.15 LPA, as of the 2020 batch. Coming to IMT, the average package is about 12-14 LPA due to the huge batch size. At the end of the day, what matters the most is your interest and fervor for the subject.

How is TISS Delhi for an MBA in HRM?

1: TISS is the highest you can reach in India in terms of Social Sciences and the legacy of TISS has been continuously getting richer since 1936. 2: TISS is more than just the M.A HRM course ( As MBA Aspirants think ) and all the courses of TISS are highly respected in the country.

How much does it cost to study at TISS Delhi?

5: The fees of TISS per semester is about 30000 INR. Along with hostel and food, the total cost of your PG Degree will be definitely under 2 Lakh INR. 6: Me and my Batch mates are Interning with reputed organisations like United Nations Development Program, Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Tata Steel, Niti Aayog , Hindustan Unilever etc.

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What is the highest CTC and stipend in TISS?

The institute has already started its placement drive for the year 2020-21 and the Highest CTC stood at INR 32 LPA and for the 2021-22 summer internship batch the Highest Stipend stood at INR 1.5 Lakh Per Month. As per the Information collected by Collegedunia, following is the data about the placements of TISS.