Does Naruto care for Boruto?

Does Naruto care for Boruto?

Naruto’s relationships with his children, Boruto and Himawari, are difficult and complicated. There are times when it’s clear that Naruto cares deeply for his kids and does his best to keep them safe and happy, but those times certainly don’t invalidate Boruto’s issues with him or undercut his feelings of neglect.

Why is Boruto like Sasuke and sarada like Naruto?

Simple: Boruto doesn’t want to be anything like his father,and for sarada since sasuke wasn’t around,naruto was like a father figure so she wanted to be like him.

Does Boruto like sarada?

Sarada defended Boruto against Sasuke when Boruto thought Sasuke was disappointed in his Rasengan training, and showed excitement for Boruto when Sasuke agreed to train him. Boruto and Sarada have a strong bond of trust; Boruto trusts Sarada’s judgment while she has faith in his abilities.

Who does Naruto care about the most?

Naruto has fought hard to keep Saskue as a friend and bringing him out of the ‘darkness’. Whereas Naruto’s relationship with Boruto is more unconditional. Naruto still cares for Boruto, but his ties with Saskue are stronger.

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Who has a crush on Sarada Uchiha?

Sarada’s love interest could eventually be Boruto. Due to their parents being long-time friends, Sarada and Boruto have known each other their whole lives and they consider each other to be best friends/rivals.

Is Sarada stronger than Sasuke?

Sarada may be a strong and skilled shinobi like her father, Sasuke, but she’s also very different from him. When fans of Naruto think of Sasuke at the beginning of the series, it’s hard to imagine that he’d ever have children.

Is Boruto a prodigy like Sasuke?

Boruto is a prodigy like Sasuke. Seems like Boruto had a good childhood like Sasuke (up until the massacre). Both Boruto and Sasuke have/ had something to prove to their fathers and both have siblings who cares for them.

Are Sasuke and Sarada the most unfriendly characters in Naruto?

As mentioned above, Sarada and Sasuke are both probably equally unfriendly. But it’s not like they come across as shy or timid. It’s more a feeling of contempt for the people around them and the fact that they have to be there among them.

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Does Naruto ever procreate with Sakura?

In fact, it didn’t seem likely he would procreate at all, especially not with Sakura, who he was constantly mean to. But despite seeming totally ill-suited to it, he and Sakura have a daughter, Sarada, and, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we get to see how well he does at being a father.