Do we get stipend in TISS?

Do we get stipend in TISS?

While tuition fees for these students are waived, they have to pay the hostel and dining hall charges. Earlier, TISS administration provided aid to students until the funds came through.

What is the hostel fees of TISS Mumbai?

Hostel Facilities : TISS Mumbai offers students with one of a kind hostel facilities under the charges of INR 60000/-. The hostel hostel, and electricity charges is about INR 15,000 per sem, while students have to pay a dining hall charges of INR 16,000 per sem to avail rental facilities.

Does Tiss give stipend for PhD?

This stipend was called non-NET scholarship/fellowship. Parasuraman said, “TISS has a strong research programme. The non-NET fellowship amount is Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000 per month for M-Phil and PhD scholars, respectively.”

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How is the placement of Public Policy and governance in TISS?

In historical seen placement is an never issue for institute like TISS. They have 100\% Placement in every batch. I would urge you if you really interested to study public policy and governance than you can choose this course.

What is it like to study HRM at TISS Mumbai?

2: TISS is more than just the M.A HRM course ( As MBA Aspirants think ) and all the courses of TISS are highly respected in the country. Various prestigious awards have been facilitated and it is an honor to be a student in TISS Mumbai.

What is the difference between TISS and IMT in terms of placement?

TISS usually has a small batch size of 60-68 students. Whereas, IMT has a huge batch size of 450. The average placement package in TISS is really good at about 21.15 LPA, as of the 2020 batch. Coming to IMT, the average package is about 12-14 LPA due to the huge batch size.

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What is the difference between IMT Ghaziabad and TISS Delhi?

If you have budget constraints, go for TISS which has a program fee of about 3 lacs including everything. IMT Ghaziabad is costly with about 19.53 lacs program fee as of 2021. TISS usually has a small batch size of 60-68 students. Whereas, IMT has a huge batch size of 450.