Can you motivate me to study for IIT Quora?

Can you motivate me to study for IIT Quora?

Make yourself busy. Start doing some work. If you’re just sitting idle, you will just keep thinking of something or the other, continuously running your mind, which will make you suffer. The same time can be used for doing valuable things.

How can I get success in IIT JEE?

You should start your IIT JEE Preparation from the very beginning of your class 11th. All three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) should be given equal emphasis. Always be sincere and attend classes regularly to have good knowledge of fundamentals; communicate with your teachers and clear the doubts.

How can I get motivated for JEE?

Things you can do for Self-Motivation are: Start your day with meditation and exercise to get energized the whole day. It will help you to concentrate on your study. Make your schedule for short periods. Take small breaks after every hour.

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How to prepare for the IIT-JEE?

The IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers are shared regularly that help JEE aspirants prepare in a best possible way. The tips from some of the past rankers are given below that will definitely help JEE aspirants in the preparation and also give them motivation and inspiration. 1. Work Hard and be Stress – Free

How to motivate yourself to study after graduation from IIT?

Ponder on the time after you get a degree from some IITs, the hefty package and the kind of lavish life you are going to lead. These imaginations will boost your confidence and motivate you to study further. Keep a daily goal; it could be that you finish a certain topic that day or maybe you solve a set of difficult problems that day.

Is it difficult to get a seat in IIT?

With each passing year, numerous students are signing up to appear for JEE that makes it difficult to get that coveted seat in an IIT. You have preparation tips, good coaching, mentors, subject tips, etc. but another important thing you need is motivation.

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How to motivate yourself to prepare for the JEE?

Make sure you surround yourself with strong-willed, self-driven people and you will find that just being in their midst is motivating enough. Preparing for an intense exam like JEE, it is without a doubt that you will get bored and irritated while looking through its vast syllabus and complexity of the topics.