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Can we negotiate salary after getting offer letter in TCS?

Can we negotiate salary after getting offer letter in TCS?

No, the package and salary is already decided by the company.

What is the salary for 8 years experience in TCS?

TCS Salaries in India

Designation Average Annual Salary
IT Analyst 4 – 8 yrs exp 7.4L 5.6L – 10.9L
System Engineer 2 – 5 yrs exp 4.6L 4L – 6.2L
AST Consultant 8 – 13 yrs exp 12L 9L – 16.5L
Assistant System Engineer 1 – 3 yrs exp 3.9L 3.4L – 4.4L

How long it will take for TCS to release offer?

It may take around 25 days to get your offer letter released. You may ask for than 50\%, may 60\% hike from your current CTC.

How can I get 50k salary from TCS after 4 years?

If an employee prefers to do MBA from a tier 1 college, he/she may get 12+ LPA if they decides to rejoin TCS. By this, after 4 years (2 years service + 2 years LWP), employee gets 1 Lakh per month as salary. If you join as a fresher with 3.36 LPA, the fastest way to get 50k salary from TCS may take 4 years.

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Why can’t I get paid 30 lakhs per year in tctcs?

TCS’s clients cannot afford to pay you 30L annually because client have become more skeptical and cautious about IT spending. The average retirement age within the IT Industry is 17–20 working years which is only going to come down further in the years to come.

Will TCS hire a fresher with 20 years experience?

No matter what ,TCS will never hire a resource with 20 years of experience.Also it’s very unlikely that you ll survive in TCS for 20 years even if you have joined TCS as a fresher. Although you may find a handful of similar people.

How many years does it take to get a promotion in TCS?

3 years. After completing 3 years in TCS, your revised compensation is around 4.1 to 4.2 lakh rupees per year. If you have received 5 ratings throughout, it might stand at Rs 4.4 lakh at max. 4 years. Officially you are eligible for your next promotion in TCS, which you have long waited for.