Can Nicotex be used for tobacco?

Can Nicotex be used for tobacco?

NICOTEX Chewing Gum is indicated for smoking cessation therapy. It reduces withdrawal symptoms including nicotine craving associated with quitting smoking/chewed tobacco and gutka containing tobacco. The chewing gums should be used whenever there is an urge to smoke.

Is nicotine gum bad for your brain?

Nicotine’s cognitive effects have gained significant attention in recent decades, and some non-smokers have even started using nicotine gum or patches as a nootropic. Research has shown that nicotine can speed up reaction time, improve working memory, and enhance focus and attention.

Does nicotine decrease brain function?

Simply put, nicotine is brain poison for youth. Because brain development continues until about the age of 25, nicotine can have negative impacts on teens and young adults. Nicotine actually changes adolescents’ brain cell activity3 in the parts of the brain responsible for attention, learning, and memory.

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What is the side effects of Nicotex?

The most common side effects of Nicotex 4 mg SF Mint Plus Chewing Gum 9’s gum form and lozenges forms include headache, heartburn, sweating, diarrhoea, mouth/teeth/jaw problems, dizziness, hiccups, and nausea, vomiting, and lightheadedness.

How long should I chew nicotine gum?

Chew Nicorette Gum slowly until you can taste the nicotine or feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. Stop chewing and park the piece of Nicorette between your cheek and gums. After about a minute, when the tingling is almost gone, start chewing again. Repeat this process until the tingle is gone (about 30 minutes).

Does nicotine affect sleep?

While you’re smoking: Nicotine disrupts sleep – and smoking can also raise the risk of developing sleep conditions, such as sleep apnea. But since nicotine is a stimulant, smoking can mask your exhaustion. After all, if you’re feeling sleepy, a hit of nicotine can wake you up and make you feel alert the next day.

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What are the negative effects of nicotine?

Nicotine is a dangerous and highly addictive chemical. It can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, flow of blood to the heart and a narrowing of the arteries (vessels that carry blood). Nicotine may also contribute to the hardening of the arterial walls, which in turn, may lead to a heart attack.

How many mg of nicotine is in one dip?

The nicotine content in a can of dip or snuff is approximately 144 milligrams, which is equal to about 80 cigarettes. In other words, one can of snuff or dip equals about four packs of cigarettes.

How does Nicotex help in ridding the body of smoking?

Smoking cigarettes increases the amount of nicotine in the body. Using Nicotex, the body feels the need for less nicotine after a while. There comes a time when a person does not feel the need to take nicotine. In the same way, it helps in ridding the smoking habit.

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How long can you use Nicotex?

You are advised to use Nicotex for the full 12 weeks cycle of NRT to improve your chances of success. Please consult your doctor in case you feel the need to use it for longer than 12 weeks. How do I use Nicotex gums? Step 1 – Chew it slowly till you get the taste of nicotine. Step 2 – Place it between your cheek & gums.

What is nicnicotex and how does it work?

Nicotex is available in the market in the form of chewing gum and tablets. This is a nicotine gum that works on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). By taking this medicine, the amount of nicotine slowly reaches the body.

Does Nicotex come in different flavours?

Does Nicotex come in different flavours? Yes, Nicotex gum comes in six flavours: Mint plus, Classic Fresh Mint, Fruity Mint, Cinnamon, Paan and Teeth Whitening. How long should I use Nicotex? You are advised to use Nicotex for the full 12 weeks cycle of NRT to improve your chances of success.