Can I leave TCS after 1 month Quora?

Can I leave TCS after 1 month Quora?

You can leave any time you want from the TCS ILP! One thing you need to worry about is “Bond” that you are signing while you joining your Training. Yes! You need to pay the bond amount to the company.

Can I leave TCS Before joining date?

Can I leave TCS during ILP? No. You can leave TCS after 1 Year bond only else you have to amount which is agreed on bond breaking.

Can one rejoin TCS?

As per the new guidelines , one you leave TCS you cannot rejoin till 10 years.

How can I resign from TCS in USA?

You just need to inform your supervisor and typically the notice period is 2 weeks (on papers its 90 days) but the HR will be fine with the plan and will adjust the remaining days with your pending leaves. You need to pay for rest of the days if there are any outstanding days even after deducting your pending leaves.

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Can I leave TCS after 1 year of joining?

Ofcourse you can leave TCS after 1 year. There is a one year bond or service agreement which you must have signed while joining TCS & 90 days of notice period that you have to take care of. I believe you should try for better opportunities while being in TCS so you are not wasting your time after you leave TCS & still searching for the job.

How can I leave TCS without absconding my bond?

You can leave TCS on the very same day too. You just need to pay the bond amount as 50K + 3 months basic salary. (I.e 10,200 each) Just talk to HR and ask them about the bond money and get your release papers. No need to abscond, as it may make a blot on your career map.

What is the penalty for filing an incorrect TDS/TCS return?

In other words, minimum penalty of Rs. 10,000 and maximum penalty of up to Rs. 1,00,000 can be levied if the deductor/collector files an incorrect TDS/TCS return. The person has paid all the tax deducted/collected by him to the credit of the Government before filing the return.

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Can I resign from TCS without giving any notice?

You can officially resign instead of leaving without giving any notice as it would badly reflect upon you in the future and you wouldn’t be able to join TCS again. One or two whom I knew at the training program resigned within a month and they did not pay the entire bond amount. Get in touch with your HR.