Can I change my subject in BSc?

Can I change my subject in BSc?

If you are taking fresh admission, then you can change the course before the admission deadline.

What is BSc physical science with computer science?

B.Sc Computer Science with teach you only and only about computers. The subjects will be different kinds of subjects related to computers, like PHP, Java, Hardware, etc. However, B.Sc physical science has additional subjects which are physics, chemistry, maths, computer science as it’s subjects.

Is BSc and BSc Physical Science same?

BSc in physical science is like a normal Non Medical Bsc and includes Physics ,Chemistry and Maths as core subjects every semester. Bsc in physics means honours in Physics. In this only Physics will be taught.

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What can I do after BSc physical science with chemistry?

Physical Science a candidate can make his/her career as an Assistant Physical Scientist, Astronaut, Chemist, Atmospheric Scientist, Material Scientist, Hydrologist, Quality Manager, Geoscientist, Technician, Physics teacher and Physical science teacher.

Can I change subject in BSc 1st year?

ANSWER (1) You have to submit your application for changing the subject at the school’s office duly signed by the principal. After that, you need to fill the form for changing subjects available at the School office.

Can I change my subject in BSc after 1st year?

No You cannot change your Core Subject in second year. But yes, you can change your Honours Subject, but not core. The three core subjects will remain as it is. You have to write an application, for the change in Honours subject & it will get changed.

What is B Sc Physical Science Cbcs?

B.Sc Physical Science is a 3-year undergraduate program that deals with energy and matter and lets the students know the concepts of mass weight and other theoretical concepts essential for the course. The main aim of the course is to involve the study and concepts of chemistry, physics, earth science, and so on.

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Can we do MSc chemistry after BSc physical science with chemistry?

Yes offcourse you can pursue MSc Chemistry after completing BSc in Physics. The Acronym “MSc” stands for Master Of Science. This is a post graduate degree of two years which you can pursue only if you have completed graduation in any stream from any UGC recognized university/college.

Can I do MSc after BSc physical science?

Students who have a degree in BSc physics are eligible to appear for this exam and take admission in MSc Physics.

Can I change my course after 1st year in DU?

10 Once I have taken admission in a particular subject, can I change my subject during the course of study or after completing first year? No, once you’re admitted in a particular subject, you can change your subject only before the last date of admission provided seats are available and you meet the requisite cut off.

When will the du BSc application form 2019 be released?

DU B.Sc Application Form 2019 – Delhi University had released the DU 2019 B.Sc application form on May 30, 2019. The application form of DU B.Sc 2019 had been released in an online mode only.

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Can I change my course/collegd after admission in Delhi University?

Once the admission process is closed you can not change your Course/Collegd. you can still migrate from one college to other, but for that you must have a good academic record through out the semesters. Please follow the procedure mentioned below to change your college during Delhi University admission.

Can I change my course/collegd after 12th Marks?

You can change both your college and the course as long as admission process is on and your 12th percentage meets up the cut-off percentage (best of 4/3) in the latest cut off list released by the University. Once the admission process is closed you can not change your Course/Collegd.

How do I get admission in du After passing 12th?

Candidates who passed Class 12th from the CBSE board have to enter their roll number from the qualifying exam from which their best of four marks will be calculated automatically. Candidates applying for both entrance and merit-based admission only need to fill one DU application form.